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A 7-day video course, designed to activate your body, mind and spirit. It's packed with incredible exercises, meditations and so much more. You only buy once to unlock unlimited access — no subscription needed.

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that matter

  • More Energy and Resilience

  • Enhanced clarity and FOcus

  • a New powerful Mindset

  • A strong and authentic voice

  • Feel the balance and calm

Everyone can do it

Designed to be accessible for a wide variety of people, this course is both for beginners as well as advanced practitioners. You can always follow along at your own pace.

Powerful exercises

Fire up your core and activate your voice with powerful exercises like Vocal Yoga and Fire Breathing, giving you more energy, overall resilience and balance.

Helpful insights

You'll learn how you can integrate a new routine into your life. You'll also discover how you will benefit from certain daily practises, when done regularly.