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Create new energy and unlock your untapped potential by activating your voice.

Your voice

can heal you

Your voice is your house of expression. It's not only used for speaking or singing, but directly influences your body's physiology, as well as your energy and chakra systems.

Your voice reduces stress and anxiety. When you experience emotions or stress, you will carry it and hold it in your body and voice. You can enjoy your balance again by releasing those energies through your voice.

Your voice shapes your mind. Your brain is connected to your voice. It means that everything you say and how you say it, will actively impact your neural pathways and your life. It transforms your mind, boosts focus and increases awareness.

Your voice tells your story. Your mind tends to believe everything that you express. This is a powerful concept that you can use to your advantage. The story you're telling is the reality you co-create.

Your voice connects you. As a human, you're wired to connect to others. A natural way to do so is through your voice. Connecting creates purpose, perspectives and the ability to share stories and ideas with the world around you.

Many incredible


  • Boosting your Energy

  • Increasing your Endorphins

  • Improving your Mindset

  • being Part of a Community

  • Having sharper Focus

  • Speaking with greater clarity

  • Feeling calm and balanced



The Concept
The Vocal Healing Circle is an empowering workshop event, where you will learn all the techniques and secrets of unlocking your voice. It will boost your energy, mood, focus and balance. It's available in two different levels: Starter and Advanced.

What we will do
We will use different vocal techniques in a small group. Yes, we will sing, vocalize and intonate. We will also meditate. Advanced exercises include rhythmic breathing and vocal yoga.

Who is it for
While everyone is welcomed to join, this workshop event was specifically designed for women who want to access their power and find better balance through their voice.

Each Vocal Healing Circle events, no matter which level you're choosing lasts for 2 hours. This gives everybody enough time to adjust to all the new experiences.

All events will be held in various location across Berlin. You can find the specific location on the events page or while purchasing your ticket.


Your Circle



Beginner friendly
Fast Results

2 Hrs
Circle Capacity
10 Participants
Light - Moderate
Highlight Exercise
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Limited Availabilites



Higher Intensity
profound Results

2 Hrs
Circle Capacity
7 Participants
High - Very High
Highlight Exercise
Vocal Yoga
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Limited Availabilities