Matla Ahuna

The STory

Matla Ahuna wasn’t created long ago, but it has roots deeper than most of today's brands could ever hope for. During a journey through Africa  Jocelyn met a wise woman — a tribal chief — who told her two powerful words. Matla Ahuna. And so she blissfully explained the meaning of those words to her. In English it means “the power is in me”. Since this day, these inspiring words never left her.

Eventually — when the right time came — she named her new business Matla Ahuna, not only as an homage to the rich culture it inherits, but also because she knows that the power and the key to a better life can always be found within oneself. 

During her trip she was introduced to over four different schools and 200 children who showed her how they can sing with the power from within. She was so moved she composed a song called Matla Ahuna. Jocelyn — to this day — cares very deeply about helping you discover this true power that is waiting for you to tap into it.

Begin your own journey of greatness now. This is a road of limitless discovery. The power of what you can create will soon be recognized by you. This awareness is expansive and ongoing. It doesn't arrive at a certain fixed point or a fixed time. You will learn on an intuitive level how to better understand the life you live. And you can choose to design this life for yourself and those around you. You are the force of co-creative wisdom. The power is within you. Use it and you will create something truly remarkable.