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The power of journaling, voice and mindful activation combined — the Mindset Shift Journal Bundle enables a positive transformation that comes from within.

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Benefits of this


  • noticing bursts of Happiness

  • Feeling inner peace & Calm

  • Increasing stamina and Vitality

  • knowing what to do next

  • Forming a new Mindset

  • Growing greater Connections

  • Tap into the power of the Voice

  • Enjoying time for Yourself

Chapter 2024

Time for Change

Create New habits

Rediscover Yourself

Know what you really want

All you need is a

Pen and Purpose

Grow through journaling

Feel a little happier every day

Reduce stress and anxiety

Get real clarity and focus

Activate the

Power of Your Voice

Unleash the vitality Your voice brings

express yourself more authentically

Create your new narrative

Better connect with others

Guided Steps

Towards Action

Try Powerful but easy exercises

Interact with guided meditations

Keep track of your progress


Group Sessions

Join online from anywhere

Grow and learn alongside others

Discover new perspectives

listen to and share inspiring stories

Get personal advice and support

Mindset Shift



It's All Included

Activation Course

Enjoy full online access for one year to the Power Revitalizer video course. It helps with boosting your motivation and with maintaining your momentum.

Your Own Journal

Be among the first to receive your own Mindset Shift Journal with all the amazing benefits. It will find its way directly to you, with free and fast shipping.

Group Sessions

Join us to grow during our 4 group sessions via ZOOM® held every Sunday across March. Share your stories, and discoveries, and learn from others.

February Offer
only €288
From €447

The Mindset Shift Journal Bundle will be available starting March 1st